World War II 20th Division Air Force Patch

Welcome to the Sgt "Mike T"
WWII Airplane Nose Art Collection

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The following photos were taken on Guam during 1944 to 1945. They were taken by Sgt Mike Tymoszczuk (Mike T), a photographer and developer in the 35th Photographic Technical Unit, Twentieth Air Force assigned to the 21st Bomber Command. All photos you see displayed came from the original negatives which I possess. These are not digital downloads, scans or copies of prints. I have hundreds of original picutures from Guam during World War II. Most of the pictures I do not have negatives for, but for the sake of this site, I have put up only the airplane nose art that I have negatives for. I will be building companion sites to capture my dad's time on Guam which will include other nose art photos and war pictures.

This site was updated July 24, 2006 and will continue to be updated with more nose art as I find them.

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