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History 35th Photographic Technical Unit
Twentieth Air Force Guam

This unit provided the quantitative reproduction of photographs required by a bomber command (VHB) or a tactical air force. It also performed detailed interpretations of the photographs for these units. This unit was activated as a Photographic Laboratory in Salinas, Kansas on April 1, 1944 that became the 35th Photographic Technical Unit and was assigned to the newly formed XXI Bomber Command. Under the command of Major Eugene H. Field, the 35th packed a Peterson Field, Colorado., POM'd (Point of Military Destination) at Seattle, Washington and were Duva bound close on the heels of the XXI Headquarters. News of the first Mariana's base B29 attack reached the 35th personnel while anchored at Pearl Harbor. Some 35th personnel had flown ahead to Saipan to work on the early strikes. They rejoined the rest of the men soon after arrival on Guam, the permanent overseas station. Pushing the jungle back, building living and working facilities, collecting equipment and installing it filled the first island days. Then the bombing of Japan became our daily business, Pre-Strike preparations and post-strike assessment busied the workshops through the months preceding VJ day. The pictorial story of Japan's devastation emerged in our developing trays, on the presses, on the maps and under the stereoscopes of the 35th. Reports compiled by all hands record the story of the B29 air offensive against Japan.



Arrival Date Departure Date Stationed June 2 July 5 Shaff, Salina, Kansas July 6 November 3 Peterson Field, Colorado November 5 November 10 Fort Lawton, Washington November 13 November 16 San Francisco, California November 23 November 26 Pearl Harbor December 4 December 8 Eniwetok December 12 Arrived at Guam

Wartime Production Totals

Photo Laboratory 1,500,000 prints

Compilation 100

Target Charts Photo Interpretations

1253 Reports Reproductions

1,875,000 Impressions

The information came from a book that was given to each of the men. I am scanning this book and will put it online.

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